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3N1 FEEDERS by Advantage Feeders

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The 3IN1FEEDER takes feeding to a new level with its advanced adjustment system to control the amount of grain consumed during each feeding. Taking several smaller feedings during the day helps reduce swings in rumen pH and in turn the animals are able to more efficiently utilize forages.

At first glance the 3IN1FEEDER looks much like a traditional creep feeder. The difference is in how the grain is delivered. Livestock lick grain from the groove between the two adjuster plates that run the length of the feeder on both sides rather than scooping up mouthfuls from a trough. Grain sticks to saliva so it gets only a few kernels with each lick. Saliva production slows with steady licking over five to 10 minutes so that grain no longer sticks to the tongue and the animal moves on to forages.


Livestock Handling Equipment by Titan West Inc.

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 Titan West's O.K. Corral

The center sort alley accommodates driving through with most full-sized pickups to coax animals into the corral from behind.

The most versatile, portable corral system on the market, the O.K. Corral is a single unit that eliminates the need for transporting and setting up individual panels.



Titan West Cattleman Chutes